Corporate Strategy

Our mission is to:

  • Establish the Company, in the short term, as an international mid-tier coal producer with a diversified operational base and product range focussing on the metallurgical, coking, anthracite and thermal coal markets that will;
  • Maximise Shareholder value by initially developing our existing core assets into operational and self sustaining entities as well as;
  • Provide above average returns, benefit of our local communities and provide secure employment for our people, by having
  • Focus on high margin speciality coal markets (metallurgical and coking coal) together with the export and domestic thermal coal market to create a market for the products generated from the developed mines, that will allow us to
  • Expand our medium term strategy and diversify into other commodities and markets where the Company has a competitive advantage
  • Optimise revenue streams and minimise waste through the utilisation of coal discard and ventilated air methane for localised power generation to meet energy needs together with sales of power to Eskom